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  • Application version: 2.3.2
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
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  • Type: Shareware
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The product is removed!

  • TunnelME
    The program allows to connect to any Internet service through a chain of SOCKS or HTTP proxies to:
    • Bypass TCP connection with logging for connection debug purposes;
    • Share network resource in LAN, in case only one host in LAN has access to the resource;
    • Hide the actual IP address;
    • Make work the programs that are not designed to support proxy directly.

    Program can act as SOCKS proxy, as well as HTTP proxy or any other service, depending of remote server specified.
    TunnelME can be used with client programs that do not support proxies, but work with one TCP-connection and remote host is defined explicitly (like SSH, Telnet, HTTP, IRC, mail (POP3/SMTP) and so on).

  • How it works?
    It creates local TCP server on port you specify (as 'local port') and serves connections. Any connection to this port are automatically 'tunneled' to server/port you specify as 'remote host' using either direct connection or throught proxies chain (1-10).
    So application that connects TunnelME will work like it is connected directly to remote server.
    TunnelME is not protocol-dependant so may tunnel any TCP connection.
    TunnelME server could be accessible either locally (not visible from LAN) or in 'connection sharing mode' (visible from LAN, you may turn it on by unchecking 'local only').
    'Shared mode' is nice way to share some resource, available on some computer only to entire LAN.

  • Practical use.
    Just download trial, intall and run. No specific user rights required.
    Specify remote host (target machine for POP3/SMTP, SSH, IRC etc.; proxy-server for HTTP), specify proxies chain to use to hide your IP or to go out your LAN, press 'Start It' and connect your client program to TunnelME (it's 'local port'). Need analyze traffic logs? Turn on traffic logging and examine logs within internal logs viewer. TunnelME is the tool to tunnel some TCP service from one computer to another, pass the traffic both by direct connection or proxies cascade, as well as allow you optionally log such traffic for future analysis.

  • Possible issues/solution.
    • Issue: I have SOCKS proxy to access internet, but my mail program can not use it. You want to use

      Solution: Use this configuration example. Replace 'your_proxy' by your real proxy name or IP. Click 'Run It!'. Set up your mail program to read e-mail from localhost, port 110. That's all!

    • Issue: But my proxy is not SOCKS proxy! And there only HTTP/HTTPS allowed!

      Solution: Use this configuration example. Everything like above, but you need one more proxy 'outside' your LAN. You may use any free one on port 443. Ask Google!
      No free extarnal proxy found? Not works? We can help! Just use our Traffic Tunnelling Service (external proxying server at opened port)!

    • Issue: I want hide my real IP. I want to be TOP anonymous... Can TunnelME help?

      Solution: Yes! Use this configuration example. After you start it, TunnelMe will simulate proxy4 on your PC (use localhost:8080 as 'proxy server'). Real traffic will go throught proxy1-proxy4. Not enoght? Add more proxies!

    • Issue: I have LAN, but my proxy allows only my IP to access internet... I want to share it with my friend. Can TunnelME help?

      Solution: Yes! Use this configuration example. After you start it, TunnelMe will simulate your proxy on your PC (your friend may set 'yuor_pc:8080' as 'proxy server'). Your proxy will think that your friend - it's you!

    • Issue: I want to know what traffic, when and what size passed my PC. Can TunnelME help?

      Solution: Yes. Install it instead of router (masquarad-like mode) for some TCP connection(s) passing your PC and enable logging. All traffic information will be saved. Use embedded log viewer to analyse it.

    • Issue: Have situation, not described above....

      Solution: ...try it! Can not solve problem by yourself? Ask us!

  • Evaluation limits:
    Evaluation version works with unlimited functionality, but with limit for connection time.
    Connection will be active one minute since you started it, then will be turned off automatically. Of course, you will be able to restart it.
    Full version have no any limits.

Recent changes:
  • Since v2.3: New engine. Much increesed bandwidth (up to 4.5 megabytes per second, per thread). GUI usability.
  • Since v2.2: Optional transite traffic logging. Has embedded logs viewer.
  • Since v2.1: Last project auto-reload;
  • Since v2.1: Auto-start with project on log in.

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